About HOAC

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“Addressing the root causes of housing affordability and homelessness by engaging the whole community in assuring safe, healthy, and affordable housing for all.

This site serves as a central hub for information and updates regarding the Housing Opportunities Action Council (HOAC) serving surrounding areas of Benton County, Oregon. In 2009, diverse partners worked together to establish the current Ten Year Plan to Address Homelessness (2009-2019).  In December 2017, HOAC approved a mid-point update to this plan, Community Strategies to Overcome Homelessness and Barriers to Housing, to ensure that “everyone in Benton County has the opportunity to live in decent, safe, and affordable housing.”

The HOAC and various Standing Committees meet regularly to oversee the implementation of the plan and promote coordination and collaboration among partners.  The HOAC believes that addressing the root cause of housing affordability and homelessness requires the efforts of every sector, both rural and metropolitan communities, and persons directly experiencing issues of housing affordability and homelessness.

We welcome your involvement!