Mid-Point Plan Update

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Background and Partnerships:

In 2009, diverse partners throughout Benton County established the Ten-Year Plan to Address Homelessness which outlined goals and objectives for assuring that “everyone in Benton County has the opportunity to live in decent, safe, and affordable housing.” In 2017, the Housing Opportunities Action Council, with funding from Benton County, City of Corvallis, and Samaritan Health Services, conducted a mid-point update to the current Ten Year Plan to Address Homelessness (2009-2019) to maximize future planning efforts.

Facilitated by the Benton County Healthy Communities program the planning process was closely coordinated with the HOAC Standing Committees. Please see the original funded proposal.  The final draft of the update, titled Community Strategies to Overcome Homelessness and Barriers to Housing, was approved by the HOAC Governing Board on December 20, 2017.

Overall Vision:

“Addressing the root causes of housing affordability and homelessness by engaging the whole community in assuring safe, healthy, and affordable housing for all in Benton County.”

Planning Values and Goals:

  • Data and best practices inform process
  • Use a comprehensive, systems, and multi-sector approach
  • Everyone, at all levels, needs to be involved in solving the problem
  • Align with other planning efforts to maximize collective impact

 Key Activities & Timeline:

  • Review existing plans
  • Convene Quantitative and Qualitative Data Teams
  • Establish communication tools
  • Review SWOT survey and synthesize results     Full Report     Recap
  • Develop comprehensive data snapshot of housing affordability & homelessness
  • Review and inventory best-practices and emerging new models
  • Conduct community mapping
  • Conduct key informant interviews.  Recap Summary   This document summarizes the input from the Housing Opportunities Action Council’s 2016 Scanning the Landscape (SWOT) survey, Governance Council’s feedback, and preliminary key informant interview results.
  • Conduct targeted outreach to people with lived experiences (e.g., rural, English language learners, youth, homeless persons, people with disabilities, older adults, etc.)
    Special Population Input Part I (Adult)
    Special Population Input Part II (coming soon)
  • Host and facilitate planning work sessions and gather input
    Work session #1 (2/22/2017)
    Work session #2 (3/7/2017)
    Work session #3 (3/22/2017)
  • Produce draft plan aligned with other relevant plans and initiatives
  • Disseminate draft plan for review and additional input
  • Incorporate input and publish final community plan
  • Disseminate final plan update